Hi Friend,

I’m Adrian. I am a licensed pest control field operator in Los Angeles, California.

I got into pest control because of the same frustrations that probably made you land on this site.

I was tired of dealing with the cockroaches that seemed to have taken over my home.

I was also frustrated by the half-hearted treatments that my ex-landlord did to fix my problems.

All I wanted was to come home to a clean, pest-free apartment. 

So I went online and studied everything I could about how to eliminate pests.

After hours and hours of studying and trial and error, I finally won.

I defeated the roaches that were swarming in my apartment.

Today, I am on a mission to help you do the same.

If you’re looking for a practical, transparent, and up-to-date resource on how to get rid of pests in your home, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

I am here to equip you with the best tools to get rid of the most common pests FOR GOOD. 

I’ll also show you what strategies work and what doesn’t avoid all the pitfalls.

Everyone should be able to live in a pest free home.

And I’ll help you do just that.